Belize- The journey to paradise (Author- Will Wesley)

About the book

Will Wesley tells the story of how members of his family are pressured into traveling to the small Caribbean country of Belize, Central America. The couple had been there on a couple of previous occasions and did not enjoy it. Nonetheless, their friends assured them that they had found the true paradise in the Caribbean country and insisted that they join them on their next journey.

The couple did go with their friends and ended up falling in love with a sleepy little village called "Placencia" located on the southern most point of the eastern peninsula. They enjoyed that visit and returned to be pressured into buying a dilapidated motel, when neither of them wanted, nor needed to own a property in another country.

With a side busting comedy and a realistically told true story of the couple's journey and Deloris Stamm insisted that will co author is with her. She's quoted as saying, "I gave him facts and he turned them into poetry." Throughout this journey, you'll learn to love the country, as they do.

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