Where is Will Wesley now?

Petroleum Consultant


Will Wesley is now working as a Petroleum Consultant and doing well with his wife and three children. He is better known for playing American football, but the guys in the oilfield admire his knowledge in the petroleum industry as well. Although he is a degreed Petroleum Engineer, he prefers the field work instead of the office. He strives to be the very best Husband, Father, Consultant, Coach and Mentor that he can possibly be. 


Will loves coaching and mentoring players in the safest aspects of the game, while becoming powerhouse football players with strength and conditioning. Concussions and spinal injuries are a result of improper techniques and he believes that teaching players how to keep their head out of the tackle and avoid getting hurt is a huge priority. 

Legends community

Wesley enjoys being a part of the elite Legends community, where he is close to many of the greats and often has a chance to be a part of something bigger than himself.